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Information for companies in the animal feed sector

Feed is a crucial quality factor in the production of food of animal origin. This is why the pastus+ feed quality assurance system was created as part of the AMA-Quality Seal programmes. The guidelines of the AMA-Quality Seal Farmers specify that all feed must be sourced from traders and producers covered by the pastus+ system and must be labelled with "pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich". The following may participate in the pastus+ system: producers and private labellers of feed materials and compound feed, operators of mobile milling and mixing plants, feed traders and stockists as well as transporters.

Feed companies can either be certified according to the pastus+ guidelines or participate in the pastus+ system via an existing certification in the field of feed recognized by AMA-Marketing. This is specified in Guidelines for the participation in the pastus+ system.



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