Guidelines & Information for pastus+ certification

Certification in the pastus+ quality assurance system means that the participants have opted for independent control of their company and thus for ensured production and processing of high-quality feed. The requirements are defined in the pastus+ guidelines and are checked annually by independent certification bodies approved for pastus+.



The requirements to be followed by pastus+ certified companies which are checked in the course of the annual audit are laid down in the AMA Feedstuff Guidelines pastus+. Additionally, please note the changes in the newsletter August 2022-08-29 (page 3-4).

To allow for the situation of small-scale companies in the best way possible, AMA-Marketing has created a particular guideline for these participants:

Thus, feed companies with an annual total of less than 3000 tonnes (or less than 6000 tonnes with multiple operational functions) have the option of being certified according to the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities. Participation is possible for producers of feed material and compound feed, traders, stockists and road transport companies. Additionally, please note the changes in the newsletter August 2022-08-29 (page 3-4).

The "pastus+ Regulation for Producers of Very Small Quantities" was created to take into consideration the issue of sustainability and to maintain local availability of feed material from small producers. Participation is possible for operators of grain and oil mills and for breweries with an annual total feed production of no more than 150 tonnes.

Annex 1 to the AMA-Feedstuff Guidelines pastus+ and to the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities: 

The AMA-Feed Monitoring pastus+ contains requirements for the necessary feed analyses and further information and requirements concerning feed safety. 

Annex 2 to the AMA-Feedstuff Guidelines pastus+ and to the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities:

The Gate-Keeper-Rules define the requirements for the purchase of non-certified feed, former foodstuff and for purchasing by-products of the oil and fat industry. 

Annex 3 to the AMA-Feedstuff Guidelines pastus+ and to the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities:

The Additional Module AMA-Quality Seal contains further requirements for the use of feed in the AMA-Quality Seal programme. An essential component is compliance with a negative list. The negative list contains feed materials which must not be used by AMA-Quality Seal farmers.


All details concerning the labelling of feed with the pastus+ and pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich labels are described in the pastus+ directives for the use of signs and communication.

One of the listed certification bodies approved for pastus+ must be assigned to perform the annual pastus+ audit. To do this, please contact the certification body of your choice directly.

The requirements for carrying out pastus+ audits are defined in the Guidelines for pastus+ audits and certification requirements for the conduction of pastus+ audits are defined. The guidelines contain information about the procedure of a pastus+ audit as well as further information about controls.

Changes of contract-relevant data must be reported to AMA-Marketing using this form.

The completed and signed form (stamp + signature) can be sent by email, post or fax.

AMA-Marketing has completed agreements with international feed schemes for recognising audits to ensure unrestricted but assured feed purchasing.

On the basis of these recognitions, pastus+ certified companies can obtain the right to deliver into QS and GMP+ systems without an additional audit. The registration is done directly with the respective scheme owner.

For further information about participation in the QS System please visit the QS-Website.

Participation in the QS system is only possible for pastus+ companies with an implemented internal QM-System which are therefore certified according to the AMA-Feedstuff Guideline pastus+!

Only feedstuff producers with a production of less than 1000 tonnes feed materials annually can participate in the QS system on the basis of the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities.

For further information about participation in the GMP+ System please visit the GMP+ Website.

The GMP+ system accepts a certification as per the AMA-Feedstuff Guideline pastus+ as well as the pastus+ Regulation for Small Quantities.

International cooperation is expedient for the transport of feed. AMA-Marketing has been an official member of the International Committee for Road Transport (ICRT) since March 2016. The seven members of the committee strive to standardise the requirements for road transport of bulk feed with the goal of ensuring feed safety.

The minimum cleaning regimes as well as further information can be found at:

Current Newsletter

Current information

ICRT - IDTFInternational Database for Transport of Feed (IDTF) – Newsletter 1/2022

There have been several changes for the IDTF by the International Committee for Road Transport (GMP+ International, OVOCOM, QS, Qualimat, EFISC-GTP, AIC and AMA). The changes are now implemented in the IDTF. Please find here further information about the changes.

At the request of the companies, products and their cleaning regime are entered in the IDTF as soon as these are agreed by the ICRT.

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The pastus+ system has been reorganised in order to continue to clearly position it as an established scheme for feed quality assurance in Austria.


In the course of the restructuring, a new form of participation was established for recognized companies, the regulation for labelling feed was adapted, the additional module AMA-Quality Seal was revised and a new fee model and contract was implemented.


All details about the changes can be found in the current newsletter!

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pastus+New labelling regulation

For ease of orientation when purchasing feed, form now on, not only compound feed but also feed materials must be labelled with "pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich". The prerequisite for this label is compliance with the additional module AMA-Quality Seal and the negative list it contains.


Detailed information on labelling is given in the new Directives for the use of signs and communication.

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COVID-19Implications for pastus+ audits

Under the current circumstances, the documents normally inspected by the auditor during on-site audit may be checked in the form of a remote audit. An on-site company visit will be rescheduled within three months after the remote audit. For this, the auditors have been requested by AMA-Marketing to comply with all necessary hygiene measures.


If pastus+ audits cannot be carried out under the current circumstances, please contact us!

FarmersFeed delivery note

The feed delivery note is intended to be used by farmers to document the purchase and sale of animal feed.


It is available on AMA-Marketing website and can be saved as a pdf and filled in directly on the PC before printing.

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