How to participate in the pastus+ quality assurance system

Participation in the pastus+ system is possible for: producers and private labellers of feed materials and compound feed, operators of mobile milling and mixing plants, feed traders and stockists as well as feed transporters.


Registration in the pastus+ system

As a first step to participate in the pastus+ system, please fill in the registration form and return it by email to or by post to:

AMA-Marketing GesmbH
Mrs. Elisabeth Heil
Dresdnerstraße 68a
1200 Wien

To expedite  processing please enclose a current excerpt from the commercial register for your company!


Registration for "pastus+ Kleinsthersteller"

If you want to participate as "pastus+ Kleinsthersteller" please fill in the registration form and send it to We will send you a license contract by post.

Information for participation and the requirements can be found in the "pastus+ Kleinstherstellerregelung".
Steps 3 and 7 on this list are not relevant for "pastus+ Kleinsthersteller". 


Audit and certification

Conclude an inspection contract for your pastus+ audit with one of the certification bodies approved for pastus+.

The certification body will issue a pastus+ certificate after positive completion of the audit. It needs to be renewed every year with a new pastus+ audit. 


Sending the pastus+ license contract

AMA-Marketing will prepare a pastus+ license contract based on the data you have sent. The contract will be sent to you by post. Please sign the contract on behalf of your company (company stamp + signature) and return it by post to:  

AMA-Marketing GesmbH
Mrs. Elisabeth Heil
Dresdnerstraße 68a
1200 Wien


Integration in the pastus+ database

Once the initial audit has been positively completed, the pastus+ license contract will be signed by the managing director of AMA-Marketing and a copy will be sent to you by post.

Then your company will be integrated into the database of pastus+ companies authorised to deliver at


Labelling of feed

From this point on, you are entitled to label your feed with pastus+ or with pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich and to deliver to AMA-Quality Seal farmers as well as to pastus+ companies.

You will receive the labels from your pastus+ contact persons upon request:



Annual license fees

To participate in the pastus+ system, you must pay annual license fees according to the fee model. The first annual fee will be invoiced on a pro rata basis. You will receive the invoice together with your copy of the countersigned license contract.

If you would like to receive the annual invoice per email, please send us the email address of your electronic invoice recipient and your licence number per Email to


Contact persons

Elisabeth Heil

Office Qualitätsmanagement

Bereich: Futtermittel

Tel: +43 50 3151 4945
DI Michael Langanger

Bereichsleiter Qualitätsmanagement

Bereich: Futtermittel, ACM-Datenmanagement

Tel: +43 50 3151 4947