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The pastus+, QS, GMP+, OVOCOM and EFISC-GTP quality assurance systems are comparable in their requirements and control systems. Therefore, feed companies, which hold a valid certification for the QS, GMP+, OVOCOM or EFIC-GTP schemes, can participate in the pastus+ system due to recognition of their audits. It is possible to participate as a licensee or as a system participant. Further information can be found in the Guidelines for the participation in the pastus+ system.



All details concerning the labelling of feed with the pastus+ and pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich labels are described in the pastus+ directives for the use of signs and communication.


Recognised feed companies which have signed a license contract with AMA-Marketing and are labelling their feed with pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich, must comply with the Additional Module AMA-Quality Seal.

Feed to be delivered directly to AMA-Quality Seal farmers strictly must be labelled with „pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich“.

The requirements can be checked through the respective certification body during the annual audit or during a remote-audit conducted by AMA-Marketing. 

In both cases, the audit must be performed using this checklist.

International cooperation is expedient for the transport of feed. AMA-Marketing has been an official member of the International Committee for Road Transport (ICRT) since March 2016. The seven members of the committee strive to standardise the requirements for road transport of bulk feed with the goal of ensuring feed safety. 

The minimum cleaning regimes as well as further information can be found at:

Current newsletter

Current information

ICRT-IDTFNewsletter 2/2022

The International Committee for Road Transport, the ICRT members - AMA Marketing, QS, GMP+ International, Qualimat Transport, Ovocom, EFISC-GTP and AIC, have decided on some changes for the IDTF, which can be found in the Newsletter 2/2022. These changes have already been made in the IDTF.

At the request of the companies, products and the associated cleaning requirement will be entered in the IDTF as soon as the ICRT has decided on them.


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ICRT-IDTFNew Website

The ICRT- members - AMA-Marketing, GMP+ International, Qualimat Transport, Ovocom, QS, EFISC-GTP and AIC – worked together to launch a new website.

The new IDTF website still has the familiar elements and functions, but in a fresh and modern look and feel. Due to the new technical elements, the search function and the display of search results are more user friendly. The cleaning regimes for the inland waterways transport are now also available on the website.

To make the transition to the new website as easy as we can, there is also a new user manual available.

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The pastus+ system has been reorganised in order to continue to clearly position it as an established scheme for feed quality assurance in Austria.


In the course of the restructuring, a new form of participation was established for recognized companies, the regulation for labelling feed was adapted, the Additional Module AMA-Quality Seal was revised and a new fee model and contract was implemented.

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New versionAdditional Module AMA-Quality Seal

The Additional Module AMA-Quality Seal has been published in a new version.


By signing the license contract, recognised pastus+ licensees commit to comply with this module. This is a prerequisite for labelling feed with the "pastus+ AMA Gütesiegel tauglich" label and for delivering feed to AMA-Quality-Seal farmers.

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pastus+New labelling regulations

For ease of orientation when purchasing feed, from now on, not only compound feed but also feed materials must be labelled with "pastus+ AMA-Gütesiegel tauglich". The prerequisite for this label is compliance with the Additional Module AMA-Quality Seal and the negative list it contains.


Detailed information on labelling is given in the new Directives for the use of signs and communication.

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