The AMA-Seals

On this page, you will find information about participating in the programmes of AMA-Marketing. The complete quality assurance guarantees safety, quality and traceability of the origin of food. The signs of the quality assurance system that are visible on the food are the AMA-Gütesiegel (AMA Quality Seal), the AMA-Biosiegel (AMA Bio Label) and the quality mark AMA GENUSSREGION. Additionally there are the origin identification and registration systems “bos”, “sus” and pastus+.

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Die AMA-Marketing stellt diesen Leitfaden als Hilfestellung für Lebensmittel produzierende Betriebe zur Verfügung, um sich für die Covid-Situation so gut wie möglich vorzubereiten. Es werden hier die wichtigsten Vorbeugemaßnahmen vorgestellt und die notwendigen Schritte bei Erkrankung von Mitarbeitern aufgezeigt. Weiters soll dieser Leitfaden auch Anstoß für eine professionelle Krisenkommunikation geben und die wichtigsten Informationsquellen aufzeigen.

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Our programmes at a glance

AMA programmeFeed

Feed is a crucial part and quality factor in the production of food of animal origin. This is why the quality assurance system pastus+ for animal feed was created within the AMA-Quality Seal programmes.

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AMA programmesAgriculture

Participation in an AMA programme implies, that farmers decide to opt for an independently controlled production of high-quality food with traceable origin. These values are communicated to consumers by AMA-Marketing with the AMA-Gütesiegel (AMA Quality Seal) and AMA-Biosiegel (AMA Bio Label).
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AMA programmeAnimal transport

The guideline for animal transport is a voluntary quality assurance programme for animal-friendly handling when transporting animals. The provisions of the guideline are part of the integrated quality management system in the AMA-Gütesiegel (AMA Quality Seal) for fresh meat.
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TraceabilityBeef and pork

AMA-Marketing ensures certain voluntary and mandatory labelling information through the meat labelling systems “bos” for beef and “sus” for pork.
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Quality MarksAMA-Biosiegel

Based on the EU-Organic-Logo, AMA-Marketing has developed a quality seal for organic food - the AMA-Biosiegel (AMA Bio Label), approved by the state of Austria. It guarantees high food quality, food safety and, compared to the EU-Organic-Logo, improved environmental standards.
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Quality MarksAMA-Gütesiegel

The AMA-Gütesiegel (AMA Quality Seal) is a recognised quality mark by authorities. It reliably stands for traceable origin, high quality and independent controls. The quality requirements for AMA-Gütesiegel products go beyond the legal requirements.
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Quality MarksFlowers & ornamental plants

The AMA-Quality Seal for flowers and ornamental plants identifies independently controlled plants of special quality. Regional origin, production appropriate for the location while conserving resources are the central criteria of this seal.
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The officially recognized AMA GENUSSREGION quality mark regulates a simple, clear and transparent quality and origin assurance system for agricultural direct marketers, food manufacturers and gastronomy.
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