The AMA Quality Seal for fruit, vegetables and table potatoes

As with all AMA Quality Seal products, all stages of the food chain, from the farmer to the distribution centers of the food trade, are involved in the quality system for fruit, vegetables and table potatoes. The award of the AMA Quality Seal guarantees quality-oriented production, seamless traceability of origin and independent control.

The requirements for farmers are laid down in the AMA Quality Seal Guideline "Fruit, Vegetables, Tdible Potatoes". Compliance with them is verified by independent inspection bodies. 

Producers work according to the requirements of Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.), i.e. more strictly than required by law. AMAG.A.P. certification of farms is the basis for AMA Quality Seal production. The cornerstones of this method of farming are targeted plant protection and accurate, complete records. If plant protection products have to be applied, AMA fruit, vegetable and potato farmers use economical and efficient application techniques. This is checked during residue monitoring based on leaf and fruit samples. Special laboratories test the samples for around 600 substances. Today, the accuracy is enormous, with a detection limit of 0.01 milligrams per kilogram. To illustrate, this value corresponds to one pea out of 100 million peas.


In addition to quality and control, consumers can rely on the traceable origin of all AMA Quality Seal products. Documentation and control start with the individual farmer and extend through packaging companies and trading companies to the food trade. For the marketing of fruit, vegetables and table potatoes with the AMA Quality Seal, only products that correspond at least to Class I may be used.